What We Do

What We Do

The role and objectives of OCAC are to represent the Downstream Oil Sector at various Government and non-Government forums in matters relating to the common interests of the Industry. Furthermore, OCAC collects data as received from its Member Companies and prepares Downstream Oil statistics/reports for use by its Members & OGRA (Regulator) for planning and operational purposes.

Besides being the data hub of the Downstream Oil Industry, OCAC also endeavors to:

  • Plan vessel laycans for all petroleum imports and exports, i.e. petroleum products supply logistics management.
  • Pro-actively suggest any infrastructure upgrades or debottlenecking needed as per the medium/long-term petroleum product availability projections, in order to ensure smooth supplies of oil products to the market and the energy/power sector, i.e. suggestions for overcoming any Port constraints.
  • Establish short/long-term supply balances for various oil products and advise the Member companies accordingly, as well as develop suggestions to support the Government (Policy Makers & Regulator) in streamlining matters pertaining to the oil and gas sector.
  • Facilitate tabulation of demand, production & imports for Product Review Meetings chaired by OGRA (Regulator). OCAC plays an integral role in providing an even platform to all its Member Companies to review and plan the seasonal demand/supply situation of Petroleum Products on a monthly basis, given the constantly changing business dynamics in both local and international market.
  • Assist OGRA (Regulator) in the management of the Petroleum Industry Freight Pool.
  • Facilitate technical advancement, continued progress in safety, environmental performance and security, in part through meetings and conferences.
  • Follow-up with the Ministries of Petroleum & Finance, OGRA (Regulator), Ports & Shipping, etc. to ensure continued viability of the downstream oil sector.
  • Review and convey collective views of Member Companies on matters concerning the Oil Industry’s well-being such as proposed legislation related to taxation and other fiscal measures.
  • Collect, prepare and circulate various trade statistics and other relevant information to the member companies as well as the Government bodies. OCAC’s annual Oil Report is the flagship reference document used by all agencies for understanding and planning downstream oil sector upgrades/de-bottlenecking.

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